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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Daily update 12/26 How the Asset Bubble Could End – Part 1

Not a great start to the last trading week.  Speculation AAPL might reduce Q1 IPhone sales estimates put a damper on the buying enthusiasm.

Very light volume narrow range day.  Breadth was +54%.  New highs were 164.  New lows were 21.  Despite a sizable gap in the COMPX on the AAPL news SPX barely budged.  That should bode well for the rest of this week (unless there is more bad news of course).

So far the futures are holding their 20 SMA.  Nothing to worry about at the moment.

The green count collapsed a bit today.  Still above the red line.

Internals remain positive and sellers seem to be few and far apart.  More sideways to up into year end looks probable.  What happens come Jan. may be a different story if there is pent up selling as I expect.  Until then have some fun!

I don't think the title of this article is very good.  However, there are a number of interesting sentiment charts based on actual positioning rather then surveys.  There is considerable optimism out there.  How the Asset Bubble Could End – Part 1


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