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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Daily udpate 9/21 Ford shutting in some production

Minor selling.

SPX ended the day down just a little.  Breadth was -56%.  New highs dropped considerably to 133.  There was a lack of enthusiasm in the buyers today.

The futures found support at the 20 SMA.  The consolidation continues.

The green count continues to drift lower.

Neither the bulls nor the bears were very ambitious today.  All year the market has tended to shoot up a bit, go sideways for a while, sell off a bit then rinse and repeat.  It is starting to look like SPX might not make much more upside progress before the next pullback.  I am still watching for a close below 2490.  SPX is still in the range of a possible double top with a slightly higher high.  Given that QQQ has made no progress in weeks there is the possibility of some kind of top forming here. 

I have noted poor auto sales for many months now.  Even with the hurricanes ruining some cars Ford is shutting in some production.

Ford Motor Co said on Tuesday it plans to idle five North American vehicle assembly plants for a total of 10 weeks to reduce inventories of slow-selling models.

The plants affected include three assembly plants in the United States and two in Mexico, the company said in a statement. The vehicle models include the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ midsize sedans, the Ford Focus compact car, the Lincoln Continental and Ford Mustang, Ford Fiesta and the Ford Transit van.

The factories involved employ more than 15,000 people, according to Ford’s website. The company did not say how many of those workers would face temporary layoffs.

I think this is a good example showing that the economy is not nearly as strong as many seem to believe.  I can't remember a time in my life when an auto company reduced production in a strong economy.  Maybe this time is different.

I think I understand what happened with the subscriber email list problems.  Since I am not a spammer or a mass marketer I did not really look into the ways emails get labeled as spam.  One of the ways is when emails get rejected a lot.  People go on vacation sometimes and their inbox can get full.  I was not proactive in removing email addresses from the list that were getting rejected.  That has happened a few times over the years.  I was waiting a month before I removed the address.  Apparently if you only have one email reject they don't name you as spam.  The problem arose this year when I had two subscribers pass away fairly near in time.  I did not find out what happened to them until later on.  The second email address started getting rejected before I had removed the first one.  I think that was when I got the spam label.  There are quite a few blacklist databases and there are web sites that can check to see if an IP address is in any of them.  My address is in a few of them.  That is why some of you get my emails and some don't.  It all depends on what blacklists your ISP checks.  Given time with no suspicious activity the databases are supposed to drop the IP addresses out.  Unfortunately my playing around testing different things has kept me in some of the databases.  I can send the email with no link and not get any rejects.  Within a few weeks hopefully I will get dropped from the blacklists.  Once that happens I should be able to send the link again.  I will manage the list proactively so it doesn't happen again.  The internet has a lot of info and sometimes it takes a while to figure out the right thing to search on.  This problem took me much longer to figure out then it should have.  I apologize for that.


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