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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Daily 2/8 This Is How Out-Of-Whack US Trade Relationships Really Are


Still no buying interest.  Breadth was +53%.  New highs dropped way down to 80.

The futures bounced off the 20 SMA, but failed to really go anywhere.

I have run out of ways to say this market is boring without using that word.  This market is boring.  I read somewhere today this is the longest streak in SPX's history of days with less then a 1% range between the high and low.  Can the market get any more boring?  I guess we will see.  If I fail to get an update out it is likely I fell asleep.

I talked a while back in the blog about how imports subtract from GDP.  Here is an article with a lot of detail about the countries our trade is really out of balance with.  This Is How Out-Of-Whack US Trade Relationships Really Are


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