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Friday, February 7, 2014

SPX poll result 2/7

With the Jan. barometer down, do you think SPX ends the year

up more then 10%
  1 (3%)
up less then 10%
  8 (27%)
down less then 10%
  4 (13%)
down more then 10%
  16 (55%)

That is significantly different then when I asked the question last Dec.  Here is the result from that poll.

Be up 10% or more
  3 (20%)
Be up less then 10%
  8 (53%)
Be down less then 10%
  0 (0%)
Be down more then 10%
  4 (26%)

We went from 73% in the positive category down to 30%.   I guess we will see how things work out.  


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