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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Retail sector

I think it may be time to take a look at the retail sector.  There are two ETFs to look at here (RTH and XRT).  Here are the monthly charts of both.

Both of these ETFs are way above their 2008 highs.  Retail has clearly been a leading sector in this bull market.  They closed a lot of stores in the last recession and that likely helped their profitability.  Both of these charts are showing some upper tails in the recent months.  It looks like there is some resistance in this area.

Lets look at the daily charts.

RTH has been a little weaker then XRT lately. It already had two large red volume bars before today.  XRT has had a lot of big green volume bars.  Both of them had high volume down days today.  Apparently there was a news story about very poor sales at Walmart to start the month of Feb.  I don't know if the story is valid or if there will be any lasting affects or not.  However, both the monthly charts look like they are ripe for a pullback.  The story might just provide the excuse.  This is a market leading sector so what happens here could be important for more then just retail stocks.


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