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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Global recession?

In Metals heading lower? I wrote about how the industrial metals charts seem to be breaking down.  They did not seem to be confirming the optimism in the stock markets around the world.  I think this chart shows why the metals are tanking.


The number of OECD countries with negative GDP has gotten to the point that it is highly likely we are in a global recession.  This is an interesting chart of how recessions are shared by multiple countries.


Every time France and Germany have had a recession the U.S. has also had a recession.  Even though this graph does not show them in recession yet, the data is pretty convincing that they are.  The U.S. has increased taxes and seems to be about to cut government spending.  On top of that gasoline prices have sky rocketed lately.  We have some data that already signals we may be in a recession as I have shown on this blog many times.  The increased global trade has coupled the world's economies closer together then ever before.  The odds of the U.S. escaping this global weakness are very low I think. 


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