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Friday, August 17, 2012

Equity fund withdrawal poll results

Have you taken money out of equity mutual funds to put into ETFs in the last few years?

  13 (34%)
  25 (65%)

Votes so far: 38

Looks like 34% of you have done so.  I thought there would be some.  This is not a statistically valid sample obviously, but I suspect that there is some validity to it.  This probably means that at least some of the money being withdrawn from funds is not because people left the market.  It would be really interesting to have a real valid sample of that question.  Every article I have read about the fund withdrawals has not mentioned the possibility of reallocation to ETFs.  I suspect the amount of money that actually left the market is much lower then people think, but that is just speculation.   Thanks for answering the question.



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