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Friday, August 31, 2012

Daily routine poll result

Do you have a daily routine of things to look at to help you with your trading?

Yes, the same routine for a long time
  7 (20%)
I have some things I do, but still working on it
  25 (71%)
I have no routine at all
  3 (8%)

Votes so far: 35

I am glad to see most people do have some kind of routine.  I hope those that said they did not have one are happy with the amount of money they are making.  If not, maybe you need to develop one.  Everyone is different and needs to find their own routine.  One guy once told me part of his routine is to read aloud a sign he has on his computer every morning when he sits down.  The sign says "I am a super trader".  Thanks to everybody that participated in the poll. 





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